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Becoming Member (Subscription)

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Accessing membership to this site is free.
It is only if you wish to have unrestricted access to B, M and S (birth, marriage, or burial / sepulture) records that you will have to purchase consultation vouchers.

Becoming member is simple. Click on the button "Subcription" located at the bottom left of the first page or click on the "Subscription" tab located in the main menu. The page with the subscription form reproduced here below will be posted.

Follow the instructions listed on the form.
Do not forget to indicate your E-mail address since a confirmation will be sent to you at the indicated address after you have clicked on the button "Create new acoount".

Simple and easy, as you can see.

From the moment you have activated your membership, you are able to access the database and carry out preliminary research.
The limitations are as follows:

  • You can carry out limited research where the dates are masked
  • You can not consult complete BMS (birth, marriage, or burial) records
  • Your researches are limited to twenty-five queries.

To be able to use all the research tools and access complete records without restriction, you must purchase consultation vouchers. (see following page for explanations concerning the purchase of consultation vouchers)